Anal Sex 101: your complete guide to anal sex

Anal Sex 101: your complete guide to anal sex

New to the game of anal sex or need some assistance getting your lady interested in it? That’s why I am here, to help you cum more and in new and interesting ways. Now at some point, you may have thought that anal sex may not be in the cards for you but by reading this extensive guide, you’ll know exactly how to prepare for anal sex and how to get your big booty friend bending down for the taking. Anal sex will always have popularity in porn and now more and more couples are opening up and trying it at home. This detailed guide will assist you in your adventures in anal by giving details of how to get started, how to prep for anal sex, the best positions for newbies, best toys and lubes for anal, Mr. Porn Geek testimonials, and more. You can have a lot of fun so long as you know what you’re doing. Whether it will be your first time having anal sex, your girlfriend’s first time or both of you are new to anal sex, this guide will give you the information you need to explore the realm of the booty!

Before Your First Time

Watching anal porn can really turn me on and if you’re anything like me, you will likely want to experience it in real life. If your sweetheart seems a little apprehensive about anal sex, you may want to check out the anal section of the Mr. Porn Geek site to find the most artistic and beautiful anal porn that may convince her to reconsider. Getting someone interested in what an anal experience could be is a great right way to get what you want and in fact, many women love anal and even prefer it to vaginal sex.

Why is anal sex so hot? People find anal sex thrilling for many different reasons. Some find it intriguing because it’s viewed as a taboo. If you see it this way, it can be a fun thing to try out just because of the fact; you’re breaking the taboo. The thing about anal sex is that it’s totally necessary to prepare. Preparation can make it a great experience whereas no preparation can make it horrible when it comes to anything anal but especially anal sex and anal fisting. If your lady has never experienced anal yet for you, she would consider it, you have to admit you’re one lucky man!

It’s important for your lady to not have a big meal right before anal sex. This may seem like common sense but you’ll be surprised at how many people forget about this. It’s kind of a scary thought for most to get fecal matter on them during the act. Luckily, that hardly happens so long as your woman cleans herself good down there. This can simply be done in the shower and even though this may not be the sexiest part to read, it’s necessary. Fecal matter is likely stored in the bowels so there is likely no worry if your lady just wants to do a quick clean up. However, some folks like to take it a step further by cleaning themselves out using anal douches or having an enema. It isn’t required to have enemas every time prior to anal and it may even irritate both the wallet and one’s body. Wet wipes could also come in handy when it comes to cleaning.

Good communication is key and important to have great anal sex! Let me repeat that again, communication is very important while engaging in anal sex especially if this is something new for you. Listen to your women if she says ‘slow down,’ ‘stop,’ ‘stop moving.’ Sexual communication is important no matter what situation you’re in but especially important during anal situations. Be sure your girlfriend knows this and you’re both comfortable with talking things out. Invest in some good silicone based lube and always use lube! Silicone-based lube is the best kind of lube for anal experiences and is also compatible with condoms. If you find yourself in a situation where no silicone lubricant is available, use saliva instead of water or oil based lubes. You can use oil and water based lubes but they are not as great for anal play for varied reasons.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is to help your woman relax before the act of anal sex. Not only is it important for your lady to relax her sphincter but it also helps if she relaxes in general. You could help her by giving her a loving massage, not rushing anything, and allowing whatever happens to occur without expectations.

No Painal – Anal

In terms of how to have anal sex, it’s all about the slow and steady path. There are a few things you can do to do ease into what will no doubt be a great anal sex experience. Start with a lubed finger and listen to your girlfriend’s feedback. Be sure to go slow. The slower the better unless told otherwise.

Toss That Salad

Eating ass is great and it’s also a great way to ease into anal and get your lady excited about anal. It feels wonderful. Mr. Porn Geek will share top tips to be sure you give the right way. Of course, you can use your breathing, tongue, and lips in various ways. You can also use your hands and fingers to stimulate your lover’s clit, tits, and other sensitive areas. You can even use your teeth if you’re gentle.

Next, it’s time for some finger play. You could even put some extra lube on your lady’s asshole so that some of it enters her as you use your finger. When and if it becomes uncomfortable for your lady, all you have to do is stop and wait there for a few minutes. Usually, the pain will subside as she gets used to your finger and then you can go deeper. Sometimes it may be too painful and she may ask you to take your finger out of her. You could take a few minute breaks and then try again. Once you get as deep as you can with your finger, you can try thrusting your finger slowly. Listen to what your lady communicates. If she’s comfortable with that you can try adding another finger. Remember to go as slow as possible. You can go for three fingers or you can go to using your cock after that.

Another fun way to play around before anal sex is by using anal training toys. Anal toys can help you but you need to make sure that the toys are the right ones. Small silicone butt plugs are fun to use and could help your sweetheart open up and be ready for anal sex with your big cock.

So exactly how to do anal sex for the first time?

It’s important to give your women control in the beginning. You could easily do this by laying on your back and trying one of the positions that give her access to speed and thrust control. This could be Cowgirl for example. Again, just like you took your time with your fingers, do the same with your cock. Whenever there is a pain, remind your lady to stop, breathe and stay there until she becomes comfortable. Once you are fully inside of her, you can try thrusting slowly and she can control this by moving her body up and down. Once she’s comfortable with that, you can begin to thrust too. It’s also not a bad idea to give your woman some clit sensations while fucking her up the ass. You can do this with your hands, her own hands, or a small vibrator.

Best Anal Sex Positions For Beginners

There are plenty of different positions to try out once you and your girl get more accustomed to anal sex. When you’re having first-time anal sex, you need to go slowly and work with positions that make it most comfortable for your lover. These beginning poses are simple to hold and make it easier for your woman to take you in.


This is the standard and works well for beginners of anal. You can even make it easier on yourself by giving your girlfriend a few pillows and place them underneath that sexy ass to lift her up a bit. This is actually a very intimate position for anal. So if you want to look into your partner’s eyes and feel her fully try out this position.

Doggie Style

This is the most popular position for anal and gives you control. With that in mind be sure you listen to your woman’s body and what she says especially if it’s her first time. Once both of you are more seasoned and comfortable you can thrust harder and deeper. Doggy style allows you to be in control and show of your dominance.


This position gives the person who is being hammered into full power by giving that person the ability to control the speed and depth of insertion. By giving your woman the ability to be in the driver’s seat, it can be excellent for an anal sex first-time experience. This position also leaves your woman’s clit available for extra sensations to be possible for her.


Spooning also known as the morning sex position is great for anal sex beginners. You can wake up and roll into slow and steamy sex. In this position, if your girlfriend brings her knees up to her chest, you will have easier access to her. This also leaves hands free so you can play with your lady’s tits and clit.

More Advanced Poses

The more advanced poses are for people who are seasoned with experience in anal and typically allow for deeper penetration and harder thrusting action.

Mr. Porn Geek Fans Admit to Loving Anal

Mr. Porn Geek loves to hear from fans and sex enthusiasts about their first time anal experiences. This can help the network of fuckers out there get it on better but what I’m really hoping for is pictures of your sweet girlfriends’ asses, tits, and pussies! Please feel free to share and send us an email about your anal adventures, what positions worked for you, and again as many pictures and videos of your girlfriends as you can!

Email from Bill, New Orleans, LA

I’ve been asking my girlfriend for anal sex since we started dating over 2 years ago and she finally told me she did some research and was going to surprise me with it for our anniversary. I never had anal before and so I started getting really excited about it. I was surprised that my lady never had any because she has such a bouncy and bubbly ass. She told me that she was always approached by exes for it but never interested her. I know I am one lucky guy and thanks to Mr. Porn Geek’s knowledge of what porn is best for women, my girl was convinced to look into it more. A big thanks for that!

Email from Juan, Oakland, CA

I could never afford that expensive lube so I looked around my home for ideas as to what I could use. Then I did a quick search online to see what other people use it on an extreme budget but those items didn’t really excite me. After that I got horny so looked at some wild porn where yogurt was used as the main lube and so I took some plain yogurt and lathered my girlfriend in it and gave her a pounding. She couldn’t stop screaming, “aye, Papi,” in pleasure. I don’t know that I would use the yogurt again and would definitely try some oils or other lubes in the future. Thanks, Mr. Porn Geek for always giving me access to the best porn and tips on how to even have hotter sex!

Before Anal Fisting Comes Anal Fucking

Anal fisting can be something pretty amazing to see and if you’re interested in getting to that place with your partner, you first have to butt fuck her. Mr. Porn Geek has created this anal sex guide in the hopes that many of you will get to the stage of fisting. But even if it’s not for you and you just stick to anal sex, we’re happy to share tips and ways to experience the best butt fucking for both you and your partner.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to pussy or anal fisting is that the smallest movements of insertion matter. Go slow and don’t rush anything because it can become a problem if you do so. Go slow when you’re inserting your hand and also go slow if you are asked to remove your hand. Some other top pointers for anal fisting include using the right lube and lower your expectations when it comes to how fast your entire hand will fit inside. It takes time and stages as anal sex does. Mr. Porn Geek recommends further reading and research should you and your girlfriend or wife want to experience anal fisting. Should you have any additional questions about how to have anal sex for the first time or just want to add to this guide so that other Mr. Porn Geek fans can benefit, feel free to send an email. Anal sex can be enjoyable for everyone so long as it’s done with the above information in mind.