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California Rejects Prop 60!

You may have remembered a few days ago that Mr. Porn Geek commented about the fact that California was voting on Proposition 60. It seems as if polls are pretty fucking useless these days, because alongside getting Proposition 60 wrong, the polls also said Trump wouldn’t be president, but yeah: here we are. So Proposition 60 went to vote and a huge number of people – around 8.4 million people – went ahead and voted. Around 3.9 million voted ‘yes’ and 4.5 million voted ‘no’. Put simply, the proposed attempt to make it mandatory to have condoms being used during adult film production in California did not succeed. This is good news, because almost every adult performer didn’t want it to go ahead and I genuinely believe it’s in the best interest of everyone that this doesn’t become a law. So good news, California – you made the right decision when it comes to Proposition 60 and I’m sure that all of those people that are professional fuckers will be thankful that you managed to swat away this daft ballot that had no reasonable explanation. Pornstars that were against Proposition 60 include Sasha Heart, Piper Perri and Harlow Harrison. Hopefully this will be the end of the attempt to control the porn industry in California – something that doesn’t need fixing at all in its current state. So yeah, sorry Michael Weinstein, but no one wants you getting involved in the adult entertainment industry.