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Christmas Pornhub Statistics: What People Watch

It’s little wonder that Pornhub has gone ahead and looked at porn over the Christmas period – whenever there’s a major event happening, these guys always step forward to reveal some interesting information about how their site is being used. Yesterday, Pornhub released their Christmas-themed porn stats, so you can see what’s going on when we humans get horny while in the festive spirit. Anyway, let’s get down to business and see just how naughty all the boys and girls out there have been! Santa might not have presents waiting for those that looked up some of these search terms. So yeah, some people really are interested in grabbing themselves some Christmas-themed adult entertainment. While some of these search terms are expected, such as Office Christmas Party and Christmas Present, I’m a little surprised to see that people are looking for ‘elf’ and ‘dick in a box’. Are those niches really that popular for people interested in porn and Christmas? even if you love both a hell of a lot, it’s strange to enjoy both of them at the same time. Onward now to a comparison between men and women: just how does the battle of the sexes weigh up when we take a look at holiday-themed erotic videos?

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years of women looking at porn: they’re always going to drop a bombshell, such as ‘Christmas Gangbang’. That’s right, guys: if you thought that your perfect girlfriend just wanted to fuck you and no one else, you’re in for a big surprise – the only thing she wants for Christmas is to get fucked in all three holes by a bunch of dudes with massive cocks. Not a pretty image, is it? Interestingly enough, that’s the thing that turns her on the most about it. It comes as no surprise that ‘Christmas Step Mom’ is a popular search term: the idea of getting gifted a blowjob and a fuck from a sexy MILF that’s doing something taboo is pretty damn hot. I might even go and try find a decent video of that nature myself. Anyway, onto the last statistic today – traffic changes during the 24th and 25th of December. It seems as if Sweden, Austria, Germany, Poland and Finland really enjoy the day before Christmas, but when it comes to opening presents and hanging out with family, they’d rather jerk off instead. Do these countries have some sort of Christmas Eve fetish that we don’t know about? Your guess is as good as mine! Anyway, I went looking for that Christmas stepmom video – the only one I could find that was half-decent is girl on girl. Better than nothing! I suggest you skip the first 2 minutes or so, it has a crazy introduction that makes very little sense.