Couple Goals: Petite Lesbian Feeds SSBBW Girlfriend

Couple Goals: Petite Lesbian Feeds SSBBW Girlfriend

I’m much bigger than my girlfriend and sometimes, I wish we could have this type of relationship.

Body positivity and acceptance is a big thing these days, but not as big as this lightskin chick’s jelly doughnut gut. My guess is that she spends a hell of a lot of cash on food so that her sexy petite girlfriend can feed her – she might be the only woman in existence who has a BMI higher than her credit score! She rolls with it, though. You can tell, because she’s got a heap of fucking rolls right there that’re being jiggled around as she’s fed food.

Mr. Porn Geek is on a diet right now and well, let’s just say that the idea of sitting back and having a skinny slut in a G-string feeding me Twinkies is pretty much a dream come true. Do they still make Twinkies? I thought those got banned, or something. I dunno. Is this chunky chick importing them from Canada or something? The steps people will take in order to stuff their faces really does astound me. I got fat because I ordered way too much Papa John’s, but man – that pizza is delicious! I’m probably still less than half the size of this SSBBW. There’s absolutely no shame about being into this stuff, though – I totally get it! Food is fantastic and girls who know how to use their mouths are a special prize indeed. Hell, I’ve even given BBW Chan a 5-star review because I loved it so much. Mr. Porn Geek even knows of BBW dating sites if you’re looking to find a chunky chick in your area for some feasting fun.

Side question here: do fat chicks eat pussy better than they suck cock? I guess a dick is like a lollipop, but a pussy is like a bowl of spaghetti. It’s a shame that these two chicks are full-blown lesbians, because I’d be more than happy to have the skinny slut sitting on my face while the fat girl sucks my cock. I’m slightly worried about the opposite, though – she’d do more damage to my face than 12 rounds with Tyson Fury. If you skip forward to 4 minutes into this video, you’ll see that the fat girl gets out of breath from eating too quickly: that suggests to me that she’s just a bit too overweight and should probably go on a diet. What’s the problem with just having 3 twinkies, baby girl? Everyone knows Mr. Porn Geek prefers a smaller ebony broad. Though on the flip side, I guess she does get her money’s worth at a buffet. So I did go ahead and do a little research on this plus-size broad. She goes by the name of SSBBW Brianna and the other girl is called Petra Love. They’ve done a decent amount of content together and yeah, she’s only 100 pounds, so that’s fucking hot – especially when you consider that the SSBBW is somewhere around 500.

Can you believe that the two of these chicks are from the same species? Boggles my mind, that’s for damn sure. Anyway, a few questions for the fellas:

  1. Which one would you fuck first?
  2. Which one would you take to a buffet?
  3. Which one would you want to sit on your face for an hour?

Best answer wins a $1,000 Dave & Buster’s gift card: that ought to cover Brianna’s entrees with a few bucks left over for a drink. God knows you’ll need one.