Emilia Clarke: Nude Photos & Scenes (Daenerys Targaryen)

Emilia Clarke: Nude Photos & Scenes (Daenerys Targaryen)

Emilia Clarke porn analysis

Last week, we had an article here on Mr. Porn Geek looking at the erotic and raunchy material available that features Selena Gomez. You wouldn’t believe the number of emails I got from you guys begging me to write up another blog post on your favorite celebrity of choice! One name that I saw being mentioned a few times was Emilia Clarke and well, let’s just say that as a Game of Thrones fan, I wasn’t about to sleep on my audience and deprive them of the XXX celebrity goodness they desire. So if you’ve come to this page expecting me to give you nudes of Daenerys Targaryen – let’s just say that you’re going to be finding that which you seek. I’ll break down the full collection of smut we’ve got on the Mother of Dragons, so let’s crack on and enjoy ourselves a little celebrity porn, shall we?

Full archive ZIP of images

Since I know a lot of readers out there will just want a local collection of images that showcase Emilia Clarke’s boobs and pussy in full, I’ve put together a ZIP file that I think you’ll find quite useful indeed. I decided that for this particular batch of Emilia Clarke naked pictures, it’d be best to host them over at Mega. You won’t need to pay for access or anything: just click the link and you’ll have my special collection of photographs on your computer in a matter of seconds. Just another way that Mr. Porn Geek goes above and beyond to bring his readers the very best in mature material online! Click here for the Mr. Porn Geek Emilia Clarke Nude Photo Archive ZIP SIZE: 40.2 MB FILES: 118 CRC32: 082711E9 For your Emilia Clarke pussy viewing pleasure, I’ve gone ahead and converted all of the images into a handy JPG format so that it’ll work on basically any PC. There are a few GIFs in there as well, but I think we all know how much I hate the actual file format of GIF – I won’t have any in this article, that’s for sure! For those out there that prefer it when I just show stuff on my website, have no fear – you’ll get what it is that you desire. Mr. Porn Geek just wanted to make sure that all of his download lovers got their Emilia Clarke nudes so they can now go away and jerk off to the pictures I’ve provided them with. Besides, I think the stuff I’m about to share is far, far better. When you’ve got a browser and the Internet to play with, you can basically embed and publish anything you want! Note that a lot of what I have comes from Game of Thrones, but I’ll also do my best to find other sources of Emilia (although they might not be quite as good). Anyhow, strap yourself in because I’m about to take you on a wild ride of nude Emilia Clarke perfection: this is going to be amazing!

Emilia Clarke nude scenes – the obvious first choice

It should really come as no surprise that the very first scene I’m going for where you’ll see Emilia Clarke’s ass and full nude body is in season 1, episode 1 of the series. What should come as a surprise is that Mr. Porn Geek managed to actually source the whole thing from YouTube – it’s even in 720p. It’s quite cool that you don’t need to venture over to pornographic websites in order to get this hot smutty clip – it’s right here on the biggest video sharing platform that exists. Note: For your cock’s convenience, I’ve embedded the clip so it plays from 48 seconds onward – this is when the good stuff starts. The only real issue I have with this scene is the creepy vibe Daenerys’ gives off. I guess it’s not even a vibe, the guy’s just a creep! Who not only strips their sister, but then gropes her titty after. Not cool dude, not cool! The fact this full-on nude scene is in the first episode of GoT basically sealed the deal when it came to my fandom: gotta love TV shows that still put smut on the screen. Those who were hoping to see Emilia Clarke topless got a lot more than they bargained for with this one – great stuff! You just want the tits but you get the whole body instead.

Emilia Clarke sex scene as Daenerys

For those who remember Game of Thrones’ first episode fondly, you’ll likely be expecting the next scene I’ve got. Drogo married Daenerys and well, let’s just say that the tradition of marriage that we have here in the real world also applies to the GoT Universe: you gotta consummate that marriage with a little body to body action. Again, this scene is slightly less enjoyable than some might have hoped, owing to the fact that Daenerys doesn’t seem all that happy about the fact her brother got her to marry this brute who she can’t even communicate with. Again, I was really pleased to see that the scene is available on YouTube – makes accessing the material so much easier! It’s been on the website for over 6 months too, so my only hope is that it won’t be removed via a takedown notice. Mr. Porn Geek would be quite pissed at that, but since the clip already has 300,000 views, there’s a good chance it’ll survive longer than Drogo will. Again – as with the previous scene – I’ve started this one from 5 and a half minutes in so you can skip the non-sex part.

Daenerys goes from victim to full-on sex addict

For a lot of ethically-minded fappers, you may have figured that the last two scenes I’ve linked here from the first episode are a little, well, non-erotic. I totally understand, but it’s not as if Daenerys was a victim of sex for very long – she soon used it to get what she wanted. Hell, in the second episode we start to see the real sex addicted side of this blonde beauty come through. Emilia Clarke sex scene fans will be pleased to know that the next clip I’ve got shows off a real desire to get fucked. Daenerys stops being a victim and realizes that she can really begin to use her body to pursue what it is she desires. Earlier on in this video, you can watch the clip of Daenerys being taken doggy style (it begins at 3:18 for those interested). I decided not to include it because she doesn’t seem all that keen. I guess for the sick and twisted rape porn lovers, you can go buffer the scene for yourself. There’s also a pretty sexy lesbian bit at 5:30 – I really wished they went ahead and made these two hot babes fuck. It might not help develop the story, but it’d be so damn amazing to watch. I mean let’s just be real – there’s no way that a full girl-on-girl session between these two wouldn’t be the BEST sex clip that could possibly happen in Game of Thrones, right? Too bad we’ll only get that snippet of pleasure from the practice sex scene. Hell, maybe even a threesome with a new character to GoT would be cool … Porngeek Mormont or something, I dunno.

Daenerys Targaryen Dragon Birth Scene

I was unable to find a suitable clip of this particular scene, but since it’s not very erotic in nature, I figured it’d be best just to grab some images of what happened. Note that these aren’t just shitty, low-tier screen grabs: they’re in full 1080p, so you’re getting perhaps the best look at Emilia Clarke’s tits the show has ever provided us with. Be sure to click on these thumbnails for the full 1080p photograph: these aren’t in the ZIP file I provided earlier either, so you’re getting a Mr. Porn Geek exclusive that the other losers who didn’t bother to scroll down don’t have access to.

It’s a bit of a shame that one of these dragons was used to block Daenerys’ pussy – was that really important? She’s just survived a fire without a single blemish and gave birth to dragons: I don’t think modesty is exactly the primary concern! As an aside to this, my fan theory isn’t that everyone started to bow down because she’s the mother of dragons: they did it just to praise those great, perky tits. I’d be down on my knees too, although I’d likely keep my vision front and center in case someone came along with some clothes for her to wear.

Daenerys with Daario

The first time we really get to see Emilia Clarke in another erotic scene after the death of Drogo comes in series 5, when she and Daario get together for some cute chats and penetrative fun. I think a lot of people really liked this particular episode of Dany’s story because, well, she basically used Daario as a human dildo. There wasn’t this deep and meaningful romance with talks of marriage or commitment – he’s just there to fuck that tight blonde real good and then go find some other fine pussy to slay. Seems obvious to me that as Daenerys started to gain this thirst for power, she also gained a thirst for good dick. Too bad we don’t get to see some real hard pounding: everyone knows deep down inside that’s how Dany likes it the most!

Jon Snow finally fucks Daenerys

Okay, so the last clip I’ve got for you is of Jon Snow getting balls deep inside Daenerys – we all know that this is the best clip when it comes to the entire show and Daenerys in particular. Everyone wanted this to happen and yeah, I don’t think I need to say much else. Again, I’ve buffered the YouTube embed here so it starts at 1:03 – just when the action happens. I wouldn’t go before this if I were you: the editor’s cuts don’t exactly make this the sexiest segment of connected scenes. How long do you think you would’ve lasted if you were Jon Snow in this particular situation?

Non-GoT related Emilia Clarke lewds

I didn’t just want to make this post about Emilia Clarke’s time in Game of Thrones – the actress herself is sexy without being Dany. That said, I struggled to actually come up with anything too amazing for you to squeeze your hog over. Still, Mr. Porn Geek is persistent in his pursuit of fantastic photography, so take a look I guess. Word of warning though: if you haven’t busted to these clips already, I doubt what’s below is going to help unleash a torrent of cum from your dick. Braless at the 2018 Golden Globes When you go to the Golden Globes, you wanna make sure that your golden funbags are almost slipping out of your top. Back in 2018, Emilia decided to sport this elegant dress with no bra – a risky decision, but one that left everyone seeing her quite happy indeed. If only the cameraman in the first image was positioned slightly better – we’d have gotten ourselves a bona fide Emilia Clarke nip slip!

Esquire Magazine sexy photo set In November of 2015, Esquire published this small collection of erotic and alluring Emilia Clarke images. They were taken by a guy called Vincent Peters – he did a great job of showing off just how incredible this chick can be when it comes to alluring modesty and old-school pinup sexiness.

A few links before we part ways

Okay gang, I think we’re just about done here – I’ve blown my load of Emilia Clarke butt pictures, sexy GoT scenes and candid snaps. Before you go though, it might be an idea for me to point you in the direction of other content on Mr. Porn Geek that you might enjoy. The first link is for Game of Bones – this is basically a Game of Whores porn game parody – click the link to read my full review! You might also want to check out my review of AZ Nude, which is a site that features great nude scenes from various TV shows, including GoT. Anyway, thanks for coming along – I’ll be sure to update this page in future if more fantastic nude photographs of Emilia Clarke come into fruition. Who knows, we might get a sex tape at some point too!