Emily Ratajkowski: Nudes, Sex Scenes, and Teases

Emily Ratajkowski: Nudes, Sex Scenes, and Teases

Emily Ratajkowski is a model and actress with an amazing body. She has gained popularity not only by being gorgeous but really took the headlines when she appeared topless in a music video for Robin Thicke’s chart-topping song “Blurred Lines”. She is cast as a beautiful girl who is clubbing and has a pretty good time. After Emily Ratajkowski’s topless pics hit the mainstream news fans could not get enough of her and wanted to see more and more. Thankfully this babe isn’t shy and she has given fans plenty of opportunities to ogle and drool over her small tummy, tight ass and killer tits. She uses her social media platforms to her advantage to show off those killer curves.

How Sexy is Emily Ratajkowski?

Emily Ratajkowski is hot; there are not many men or women out there that could argue the opposite unless maybe they were blind. This English actress and model has one of the best bodies on the scene in Hollywood. She is tall and fit, apparently working out frequently and trying to live a healthy lifestyle really is good for you and from her leaked nudes, maybe a good diet of dick and masturbating is good for you too! Emily has long brown locks that would look great being pulled while you fuck her from behind and she has deep brown eyes that would draw any man in. Emily is five foot seven inches with a cup size of 32 C and a dress size of a two! Emily also loves to show off her body it seems to let fans catch glimpses of her tit tummy, big tits, and tight ass.

Emily Ratajkowski’s nude body is like a gift to men and she posts it frequently on Instagram and other social media platforms. She says she doesn’t want to fit into one box or another when it comes to the naked female body so she posts what she likes when she likes and fans are liking it whenever and wherever they can get it. Just this month of July she has posted some deliciously naughty and teasing photos on her insta that have some prudes a little upset but the majority of people scrambling to log on and see more every day.

Emily Ratajkowski Photo Sets Fucking

In her first photo of the month, Emily is posing in front of a doorway in nothing more than a thong ad a very tiny sweater that doesn’t cover her boobs. The sweater is bright orange and her tits are hanging out of the bottom teasing everyone hoping that they can see more. The next day she showed us the shot with her turned around and we got to see the gorgeous Emily Ratajkowski’s ass! It is tight and firm and whoever is taking that picture, well fans are definitely wishing they were him.

The next day Emily took it up a notch and actually posted a nude photo on insta! You couldn’t see her pussy or tits but you got enough to know that this babe loves to swim in the nude and loves to show off her body.

In another photo Emily is completely naked, she is covering her gorgeous boobs with her arm and she has a pink leaf over her pussy. What fans wouldn’t give to see Emily Ratajkowski’s pussy either on camera or up close and personal. With how sleek and slim this model is, we can guess that her pussy is just as tight and trimmed as the rest of her body is. From all of her photos, she posts she really loves her body and really loves to show it off. There are photos of her in the tub, puckering her big dick sucking lips looking like she just played with herself!

Emily Ratajkowski Sex Videos

Wouldn’t you love to see a video of this babe pleasuring her pussy? Just imagine watching her as she slowly caresses her tits, massaging them and playing with her nipples as a tease. Then maybe she will run her hands up and down her body as she teases herself, getting closer and closer to orgasming. Seeing her lips tightening and pucker as she imagines taking a huge cock into her tiny pussy would make you almost cream in your pants and she maybe hasn’t even started to touch herself yet. Then she would slowly start to rub her dripping wet puss, spreading her tight and tiny lips, getting herself almost there before she slides a couple of fingers in and starts to fuck herself, rocking her hips back and forth, using her other hand to massage and pull on her tight little nipples. If this girl ever went into actual porn, she would shoot to the top of most-watched videos pretty quickly.

While Emily Ratajkowski porn would be really popular she hasn’t taken the step fully into the adult entertainment industry but she is definitely toeing the line frequently. There have been some pretty hot Emily Ratajkowski leaked nudes out there and thanks to the fappening we have gotten to see her tiny tight pussy and ass more than once. There are a lot of Emily Ratajkowski’s nudes floating around that are pretty yummy and just interesting. There is a huge photo of her handing someone, full-frontal. You can see her tits and vagina just out there on display. This babe is really hot and most fans would probably hang this picture in their homes. Emily has also posted nudes of herself online! More full-frontal nudes where she wants fans to see her and love her and they do. Emily also got into the “free the nipple” movement so she posted all kinds i=of nipple shots to fight censorship and we are here for it.

Emily Ratajkowski Popular Porn Slut?

Anytime Emily wears a bikini it’s a thong bikini, and this girl seems to love the beach so fans can get a pic or glimpse of her ass almost every time she goes to the beach. She knows what she has and she isn’t afraid to show it off. She wears string bikinis, ones that kind look like bondage gear. They are tied tight on her body and only barely cover her pussy.

If Emily wanted to do some bondage porn she would look amazing in it. Imagine seeing her tied up in a leather bondage outfit with her nipples in some clamps, naughty and delicious. Because her bikinis are so tiny when she bends over sometimes her tiny little pussy lips poke out. She even goes topless on the beach with her friends! If this girl did some lesbian porn with the other chicks she takes to the beach fans dreams would come true. Seeing her eating out another babe while rubbing her clit, scissoring, finger fucking and squirting all over the beach, just thinking about it can stretch your zipper.

Emily Ratajkowski has had her nudes leaked and we are thanking the porn gods that she took the photos she did. Emily has posted pics of her bubble but that makes it look like she is just begging for cock. She is sticking it out there in the perfect position for a hung dude to just spread her cheeks and go to town. There is even a photo of Emily Ratajkowski masturbating. She is spreading her tight little pussy lips for the camera and rubbing her clit enticingly. Fans aren’t sure who she was sending that photo to but they all wish it was them. Imagine opening your phone to see a picture of Emily’s finger fucking herself, laying with sex toys and spreading those pussy lips just for you.

Emily Ratajkowski Nude Pics

There are more hot Emily Ratajkowski nude pics besides those too! She has taken photos of her spreading her legs and letting fans see her tiny little asshole and pussy, this shot makes it seem like she is just begging for the cock in any hole she can take it. She has also posted sexy pics of just her lips ready to suck on some big dick too. Emily has even taken naked pics while washing dishes. A girl that is this hot cooking, cleaning and fucking you? Anyone would be lucky.

Emily Ratajkowski is sexy and in these leaked photos she is really showing off her body well. By the photos she takes fans can tell her ass and her tits are her main assets when it comes to turning people on. Emily has a lot of hot pics of her ass, tits, and pussy out for display. She has the perkiest and prettiest pink nipples that just invite you to suck and nibble on them. Imagine her taking them out and telling you that you can have a taste when she’s on the beach. You pucker your lips and get to take her tits in your mouth. Her chest is all real so you could massage and pull on her nipples all you wanted if she would let you. After getting to fondle and play with a chest like that you may not be able to go back to someone else she is just that hot.

There are even some photos of Emily Ratajkowski nude sucking on her own fingers. If this chick was bisexual she could be getting her fingers all wet and slicked up to slip inside some other hot babe. Or maybe she is sucking on her fingers letting a dude know that she loves to suck cock and she is ready for his dick whenever he wants to put it in her mouth. With her big puffy lips your cock slipping inside would feel so good and she has such a nice body that seeing her on her knees while she sucks your cock would be enough to have you nut in her mouth and with the dirty photos she takes it is easy to imagine that she would be fine swallowing a hot load.

Does Emily Ratajkowski Spit or Swallow?

Emily Ratajkowski is so sexy that seeing her swallow your load or even get a load all over her ass or tits would be a dream come true. From Emily hitting the beach as often as she does in those tiny little bikinis or from swimming nude this babe is tanned and seeing a sticky load dripping all over her tan skin just may get you hard and ready for round two right then and there. Emily has also taken some more fetish pics which are pretty hot if that’s the kind of stuff you are into! She has some pictures of her naked with older women in the background. This doesn’t mean that she is into GILF’s but it would be super-hot if she was! Seeing Emily fuck an older lesbian and get her pussy eaten outright would be delicious. There are also pics of this babe using the bathroom but not in the bathroom. She really likes to get naughty and dirty and it’s a major turn-on for any exhibitionist or voyeurs to watch.

Emily Ratajkowski’s sex scenes in her films are about as close to real-life porn from her as we are going to get but with modern technology and camera angles those look pretty realistic. In her films, she will strip down frequently to show off her amazing body. She has even blindfolded herself to show us that she is into the more kinky sex before her and her cast mate get to fool around on camera!

Popular Emily Ratajkowski Loves Porn?

Emily Ratajkowski looks like she is getting fucked by some major big stars and hot dudes along with acting as having some group sex scenes out there. She gets her pussy eaten and gets fucked in all kinds of places. If this smoking babe ever decides to take the step into hardcore porn, we will be there to welcome her with open arms and hard cocks. Until then we get to drool over and cum on all her naughty photos either she posts or that have been leaked for our pleasure.