Fake Nudes App for the Future or Left in the Past?

Fake Nudes App for the Future or Left in the Past?

Fake Nudes Vs. Deep Fakes

Fake nudes have been hitting websites and social media for as long as computers could alter images. When people first started to make these fake nude images, they were obviously on the lower end of the well-done scale. The pictures were grainy, the skin tones wouldn’t match, and the lines were not blended well. Now with advancing technology it is easier to trick someone people with fake nude photos or videos, also called deep fakes. Deep Fake is actually a technology that uses two different engines to superimpose faces of people onto porn stars, like celebrities, to make it appear as if they have either performed porn or had a sex tape leaked.

Before the deep fake technology there was just photo editing and still images. Most of the time the people cranking these out were not the best editors so you could spot a fake nude from a mile away. Now computers have really advanced and it’s hard to tell the difference. Then with deep fake AI, they took still images and could do this with videos and movies. There are even people trying to do this in real time! Imagine seeing your favorite celebrities head on a porn stars body at a convention on the screen in real time!

How To Make Fake Nudes

Lots of people Google “how to make a fake nude”. Have you ever dreamed of your favorite celebrity or porn star completely naked and you wanted to see what it would look like in real life? How about faking out your friends with a realistic nude photo of some hottie? If so, you may be one of the people who wanted to know how to fake nudes. There are quite a few deep fake apps out there on the market and some are better than others. You could always just learn Photoshop and make still images to fake out people. Take one person’s head, cut and paste it onto some half-naked chicks body and there you go, the better you get at photo editing the easier things like that will be.

There are even nude x-ray apps on the market that can supposedly let you see through a hot women’s clothes out there on the market! Imagine walking along on the street and you see this super curvy, stacked babe. She already has on a skintight outfit and she looks like she would love to have cum all over her. Instead of having to do the flirting and chatting that you would normally to see under all those clothes you may have a nude women app and you can see what she may have looked like naked. It’s not going to show you what she really looks like, the bodies you see on your app are all fake but still, you can use it to trick your friends or play into your own fantasies with that hottie bartender. No one is actually exposed or naked so no harm no foul. If you want to get away from all those nude apps there still is deep fake porn of a lot of your favorite celebrities out there to watch and cum over.

Big Celebrities Are Fappening Now

Emma Watson and Scarlett Johansson are two of the most popular celebrities that deep fake porn has been made of. You can watch as these beautiful women’s faces are put onto porn stars bodies who are doing all the best things only porn can show. I know that I have dreamed of bending over Scarlett and spreading those tight toned ass cheeks of hers. How about how it would feel to get a tit job from that nice rack she has? Thanks to deepfake porn now fans get to watch all of that and more. Cream pies, anal, threesomes, and the best blow jobs. There have been so many stars that have had deep fake porn made out of them besides those two as well, Audrey Hepburn, Rita Ora, Rebecca Ferguson, and Chloe Grace Mortez just to name a few.

But what about if you can’t find your favorite star in the deep fake’s porn listings? Well lucky for all fans out there, there are deep fake apps to make your horniest dreams come true. Technically it isn’t an app you can use on your phone like face swap. Depp fake app is more like an application or software that you can download onto your computer to try it out for yourself. The software was secretly leaked online, and anyone can download it and use it for whatever they want to though it does take a lot of time and energy to make a deep fake porn video let alone a good deep fake video.

The first step would be to download hundreds of different images of the person you are wanting to use the face of, that way you can get all the expressions and angles right, that’s going to take some time. Then you have to run it through the software, and some more techy stuff happens before you either have a seemingly okay video that would be believable enough to cum to or you have a not so good video that still may be really great to cum to right now.

Deepfakes Keeps The Fake Nudes Cumming

Either way, deep fakes can be totally fun to watch and interesting, but no one really does it as well as the porn stars and those babes are hot already! If you do not want to take the time and the effort to make your own deep fakes there are so many out there that you can watch, if you want to mess around with the technology it is out there and available to play around with or you could just use that free time to watch the professionals do what they do best, hardcore fucking on camera for everyone to watch.