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  As the holidays approach, all throughout the gift giving season, and throughout the new year millions of people flock to MensToysHub to find the perfect new toy for their friends, lovers or selves to stimulate and arouse their senses. If you haven’t had the chance to check out this important website, now is the time to take a closer look and see for yourself why so many experts including wikipedia’s insight on sex toys, and why other sexual health enthusiasts agree that it’s the best place to find all the right male masturbation toys right now!       Whether you have preferred Fleshlight, Kiiroo or another brand in the past, finding a way to easily compare all the male sex toys available for your next fantasy session used to be quite complicated. Often it meant having to go to a sex shop in person and engage in an awkward face-to-face discussion with a store employee to ask questions. Reading lame mini-reviews on Amazon about sex toys also fails to give you the kind of in depth analysis you need to accurately choose the toy that fits your lifestyle best. That’s why the candid expert reviews on Mens Toys Hub have come to be so handy for millions of men seeking honest, useful and entertaining advice about choosing the right sex toy. “For us it all starts with mens health,” explained John James of “We understand that stimulation and sexual arousal are the focus of most toy buyers, but none of that is anywhere near as important as making sure our audience is kept safe from allergenic devices, items with heat sync issues, fly by night manufacturers and the other serious safety concerns that have plagued the mens toy industry. When you see a toy listed on Mens Toys Hub, you know right from the start that it is 100% safe to use or it would never have gotten listed by our site in the first place.”   Studies have already proven a direct correlation between sexual health and overall health in men. For example, men who engage in a healthy sexual lifestyle and ejaculate often are less likely to develop stress-related illnesses, to suffer physical injuries or to become out of shape. The process of masturbating, breathing, raising ones pulse and accelerating your biorhythm does an amazing amount of good for your body, mind and spirit all at once. Best of all, unlike going to the gym to lift weights, or running miles each day, masturbating gives you the kind of orgasmic relief that no other workout can match. “It’s true that sex with a partner does yield even better results, but many of our customers choose to use their male masturbation devices with their partners in synchronization,” explained Mr. James. “Having a lovely spouse or significant other having sex with you is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but even the prettiest and most giving lover can become less interesting after many years of repetitive sex. Adding the right Mens Toy to your love making interludes is the simplest, most affordable and best way to spark renewed interest in each other.”   In fact, surveys recently conducted online have suggested that as much as 87% of married couples include at least one participant who fantasizes about bringing a third person into the couple’s bed.  Often that can lead to serious disagreements as one partner opts to maintain a traditional relationship while the other wishes to explore a more polyamorous lifestyle. By choosing the right device from Mens Toys Hub to take to bed, you and your lover can share all the excitement of having a threeway without any of the emotional complications one might cause. After all, any girl with a real vagina and a FleshLight in each hand is a whole lot more fun than a girl who goes to bed empty-handed.   Mens Toys Hub makes finding the right toy even easier with a simple to browse interface that sorts dozens of terrific devices into their own specific categories including: Deals, Electric Blowjob, Masturbators, Penis Pumps, Prostate Stimulators, Penis Extenders and Couples Toys. Each review includes expert advice from real people who have actually tested the toy themselves, and simple purchase options that allow you to buy any name brand male masturbation toy for only a fraction of the price you’ll see advertised everywhere else.   Here at MrPornGeek we have our own listings of the Best Adult Online Shops, and for male toys it’s easy to see that Mens Toys Hub is the best of the best. There are other shops that focus on female sex toys, or try to be one size fits all by reviewing every device ever intended for sexual activity, but the tight focus on toys specifically for men that MensToysHub provides is the key factor that keeps them head and shoulders above anyone else online in their area of expertise. Check them out right now and see for yourself why so many men agree that their site is the only place worth looking for a new fuckable sex toy online!