Choker Featured Image

Girls Wearing Chokers: Hot New Fashion Trend

Chokers are in: they’re hot too.

It seems as if every single chick out there right now that wants to show themselves as being different or cultured will don a choker. Mr. Porn Geek loves chokers, especially when it’s a skinny babe with a cute face that looks like she’d do some nasty things in the bedroom. Chokers will always be one of my favorite items of clothing, especially since most girls know what connotations men like me make when I see them – but still continue to wear it regardless. If you’ve never really realized all of this choker goodness, I’ll leave you with a little gallery I put together of what they’re all about.  

It’s also worth mentioning that as far as scientific research goes, ladies that wear chokers have a 163% increased probability of doing anal compared to those that don’t. I like those odds, which is why I always try to find chicks that devote themselves to looking real naughty when they’re in public.