How Realistic Are Sex Toys Getting?

How Realistic Are Sex Toys Getting?

Sex toys are getting more and more realistic and advanced and it’s so amazing. Creators of sex toys are even catering more to their male clientele, which in the past has been pretty limited. There are a lot of sex toys out there to fish through when you’re wanting a sex toy but usually, they are for you and a partner. There are things like:

  • Cockrings: a ring that goes around the base of the penis, can vibrate, restricts blood flow for a stronger erection.
  • Sleeves: a sleeve that goes over the penis to give you length, girth, help you last longer, etc.
  • Basic Pocket pussy: basic silicon canal to masturbate with or into

Classic Vs Modern Sex Toys

While those are classics and they are great where are the sex toys just for men right? The realistic ones that counter the realistic cocks and dildos women get? Well, the sex toys gods heard the call and created more and more realistic sex toys just for dudes! It’s not all vibrators and dildos in the sex shops anymore. There are pocket pussies, sex toys that look like asses, tits, feet and more. But what are the best most realistic sex toys for dudes? What is the best quality and what should you look for? Let’s break it all down so you can have the best time without having to have another person there with you. There are three main categories that you can focus on for a good masturbation session when it comes to sex toys. Realistic pussy toys, realistic ass toys and then the combo toys that give you the best of both worlds because everyone loves options. All of them are going to feel great if you get the right ones, almost like the real thing but you have to know what you are looking for when it comes to sex toys. Sex toys can be an overwhelming world to step into and you want to keep your cock as safe as you can be when you’re using a toy so here are a few things to watch out for or know when you’re buying any sex toys.

  • Phthalates: plainly, it’s a toxic material that you probably don’t want to have next to your cock for any length of time. Look for sex toys that are phthalate free.
  • Jelly sex toys: usually low quality. Jelly sex toys have pores, pores equal bacteria growth and these are just harder to clean
  • Silicone sex toys: Silicone sex toys are usually going to be the higher quality sex toys, especially for realistic pussy and ass sex toys. These don’t have pores, they are easier to clean and feel great.
  • Different lubes: Silicone lube can’t be used with silicone sex toys, you should be using a water-based lube. Water-based lubricants are just the best all-around when using any sex toy. Don’t go for the oil lube either. Sex toys can take a pounding but can be fragile when it comes to lubricants.

DIY Sex Toys

There are a lot of DIY pocket pussy designs out there that people have come up with over the years. These are cheap, sometimes not the safest and usually pretty far from the real thing when you are wanting realistic pussy and ass. Some of these include;

  • Plants: lots of people use different fruits and veg as homemade pocket pussies. This can include things like hollowed-out cucumbers and such. Usually getting that much foreign stuff not made for your dick near your dick is not a good idea.
  • Latex gloves, towels, and lube: Quick and easy, it’s a little safer than food products but still nowhere near the same thing.
  • An empty tube of chips: Uh, just maybe not.

Sex toys, if you know where to look are going to be better than trying to make these things yourself and a lot safer. When you’re jerking your cock, you want to have a good time and be safe. The pocket pussies and sex toys for men made by actual companies are going to be better for you and last you longer. Plus, you want that realistic feel!

The Best Sex Toys

The best sex toys are going to be the most realistic sex toys for anybody, but this is especially true for men. When you’re fucking a sex toy you want to get as close to the real thing as you possibly can be but what are the most realistic sex toys on the market today and what are the different kinds? There are really two types of realistic sex toys that are going to be big deals here the realistic vagina and ass toys. There are combos as well but understanding both types individually will make it easier to understand the combo toy. Realistic pussy toys are great. These are usually referred to as pocket pussies and they make your masturbation session so much better! There are a few different types of pocket pussies to go over before breaking down the best on the market and why they are the best out there right now.

  • Fleshlight: This has to be one of the best-known pocket pussies out there. Most people have heard of the brand before and probably refer to all pocket pussies as a fleshlight. This is a toy that kind of looks like a flashlight, hence the name and can actually be shaped as any orifice, an ass, a mouth or pussy.
  • Tenga Eggs: These toys are shaped like eggs instead of like pussies. They are sleeves that are stretchable, and they go over your cock.
  • Onaholes: The Japanese made this version of the pocket pussy and there are so many shapes, sizes, and colors available. Some are themed after anime characters and some are made after porn stars.
  • Hands-free options: There are toys out there that do all the work for you and they are great. This machine holds your fleshlight and moves in realistic sex motions!

Some of the best realistic pocket pussies are going to be in high demand and after going through the reviews it’s going to be easy to understand why! Here are the highest rated with both pros and some cons on what makes them the best of the best realistic pussy toys!

  • Zhang Xiao: the tight and realistic pocket pussy

These are made in Japan where all the best sex toys seem to come from. There are multiple layers of Cyberskin, which is going to make it feel like a real pussy. Once you stick your dick in after you add a little lube you’re going to feel a lot of curves, more like a realistic vagina and less like a straight canal. Every time you move it you may feel a different sensation which is great. The only downside is the maximum length is 7 inches.

  • Tenga Eggs: This is one of the cheapest pocket pussies out on the market. You can even get a variety pack of disposable ones, even easier to clean up then. The internal designs are going to be different like Wavy, Twister, and Silky. If you clean them right and take care of them properly then you can use them near a dozen times each before you need to dispose of them. The only con is they don’t last forever like some of the more expensive options, but they are easier to hide in a pinch!
  • Holly: This toy is shaped like a real pussy, even sporting a g-spot! Good practice for when you want to find the g-spot on a real partner. You can get on average about 50 uses out of Holly if you take care of it and clean it regularly. The con is that the winding curves of this realistic vagina make it harder to clean. Pro tip use lots of water pressure to clean her out.
  • Tenga Flip Zero: Looks pretty cool on the outside and sports some neat innovations. There is a hinge that opens so it’s way easier to clean and you can leave it open to dry. There are also multiple vibration settings and this bad bitch is waterproof, so you can try it out in the shower or underwater in the pool if you’re feeling really testy. It does take about 90 minutes to charge though so make sure that you charge it up before you want to take it anywhere.

Realistic Vs Fantasy Sex Toys

Those realistic sex toys are all fantastic and great quality, but there is another side to realism within the sex toy world and that’s sex toys based off of real people. If you want an even more realistic pocket pussy or realistic ass sex toy, then you can get one based off your favorite porn star! These come in so many varieties and are molded right after your favorite sexy babe or babes! When you are using or buying a toy based off a porn star a fun thing to do would be to put on your favorite video of this sexy chick and fuck they toy while you listen to her moan on camera. Some of the hottest toys based on models are:

  • Mistress Double Trouble Danielle & Bambi Vibrating Butt: This one is made after porn stars Danielle and Bambi. It is their realistic vagina and ass, so you can stick it in four different holes and experience group sex with two of your favorite porn stars!
  • Jesse Jane Bend Her Over Pussy & Ass Masturbator: This is made after the famous Jesse Jane and you can fuck her realistic pussy or realistic ass all in one toy. It even looks like part of her sexy back is right there, so you can grab a hold of that and feel like you are really bending her over.

There are other strokers made after your favorite girls as well like:

  • Riley Rede
  • Nikki Benz
  • Holly Hendrix
  • Kendra Lust
  • Layla Sin

The strokers and other sex toys based off of models are probably going to be the most realistic pocket pussies and asses because they are based and modeled after actual women but that doesn’t necessarily make them the best toys out there. It is all about what you want to feel, and you can always have a collection, so you can fuck a new star or toy whenever you want!

Ass Toys Are Terrific Too!

Realistic ass toys are great for the men that love anal but don’t have a woman in their life that can take a hard-anal pounding like you want to give. These toys are usually going to be bigger than the realistic pussies because they sport bubbly cheeks that you can spank and play with as well as a lower back or the beginning of the thighs. Realistic ass toys come in a variety of colors and shapes as well. You can even find toys that are in a bent over position or laying down position depending on how you want to fuck a hot chick’s ass! There are a ton out there and even some based off of real porn stars and women.

  • Farrah Abraham: This MILF has a vibrating realistic ass sex toy out, so you can feel like you are fucking the one and only Farrah.
  • Mia Khalifa: This babe has an anal stroker out that you can take on the go if you don’t want the entire lower portion of her sexy body
  • Sasha Grey: This babes sex toy was made to feel like her tiny little asshole and it vibrates!

You have a lot of options for realistic pussy and ass sex toys out there. There are different versions of strokers, they can be disposable or last years if you take care of them properly. Some vibrate and others make you feel like you are having a threesome with some of your favorite porn babes. Pair these toys with some new VR porn and its like you’re fucking the real thing with the most realistic ones!