Blocked Torrent Website Guide

How to Bypass Blocked Torrent Websites (2019 Guide)

Howdy folks. You’ve probably come across this page because you’ve tried to access a torrent website and it’s been blocked, right? Well have no fear, because Mr. Porn Geek is here to help resolve that very issue! Chances are that in dozens of countries, a good number of my highest rated porn torrent websites are unable to be accessed. Thankfully, this is something we can fix! For what it’s worth, I genuinely believe in a free and open Internet: no one should interfere with the website you want to access. Not your ISP, not your government and especially not your girlfriend! Anyway, let’s get into it: here’s how to bypass torrent website blocking in 2019.

Updating Your DNS Servers

To keep it simple, DNS servers are basically like an address book to find out where you’re supposed to be going. Almost all instances of torrent website blocking by ISPs and governments is done by blocking your ability to request IP details for the website you’re trying to access. Thankfully, there’s a relatively simple solution to this: change your DNS servers from those provided by default (your ISP will manage this) to one maintained by a third-party.


My first (and biggest) recommendation for DNS switching goes to This is a fairly new DNS, but I use it on all of my devices and I’ve never looked back. This service prioritizes two things: privacy and speed. It’s the fastest DNS on the planet according to DNSPerf with an average query speed of just 15.92 ms as of the start of 2019. Your ISP is probably closer to 50-100 ms! Not only will this mean that websites load quicker, but Cloudflare has stated that they will never log IP addresses and has relied on KPMG to audit their systems to confirm this annually. Head on over to now and follow their guide – it’s probably better than me just rewording what they say, plus you can do it for iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows and Linux devices! As far as I’m concerned, this is your go-to solution for torrent blocking, and will solve 90% of issues out there.

Google’s Public DNS

As an alternative to Cloudflare’s, you might want to check out Google’s slightly slower – and potentially less secure – public DNS. They also support IPv4 and IPv6, but don’t have the same commitment to privacy that has. As far as I know, Google has never filtered a single DNS request and they likely don’t plan to, either. Click here for Google’s guide to using their public DNS.

Using TOR

Sometimes, ISPs hijack your DNS connection (even though that’s really, really bad) and in some countries, they are required to do this by the government (Thailand, for example). If, after changing your DNS, you find this happening to you, the next best solution is to switch on over to TOR, which will take care of getting you access to the websites you want. TOR stands for The Onion Router: it does this really smart thing of forcing traffic through relays which encrypt all of your messages, and the best thing is that no one in the middle is able to see what you’re looking at. TOR basically functions like a number of other web browsers, except that it’s completely focused on privacy and security. Standard quality of life features are heavily disabled, such as browser history and the like. The good news is that you won’t get blocked accessing torrent websites via TOR: at least in 99% of situations you won’t. If you’re having issues, simply hit the “New Identity” option to switch your end server.


You might not actually need to utilize TOR in some situations if your ISP is just filtering HTTP traffic. In this case, you’ll want to make sure that when you visit these torrent sites, you type https:// instead of http:// at the start of every link. This means that your communication to the torrent website is scrambled and no one between your computer and their server can see what’s being transmitted. I don’t know of any ISPs that straight-up filter HTTP traffic, but I wouldn’t put it past some of them. As a useful tool, I recommend checking out HTTPS Everywhere. It’s available for all major browsers and is supported by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

So there you have it – Mr. Porn Geek’s guide for how to bypass blocked torrent websites in 2019. Happy surfing, folks! Oh, and if you haven’t already, be sure to venture over to my list of the best porn torrent websites the Internet has to offer. I’ve spent dozens of hours looking all over the Internet for the cream of the crop: simply click the link to see what I consider to be the best in slot when it comes to enjoying adult torrents online. Here are just a few of my best picks, for your convenience!

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