If You’re Not Beating Off to These Thai Pornstars You’re Missing Out

If You’re Not Beating Off to These Thai Pornstars You’re Missing Out

I was in my man cave watching the Giants game the other night with a few of my buddies and we got to talking about our favorite ethnicities when it comes to porn. I mean, I think we just like tits, ass, and pussy no matter the color but in general, we all have our favorites. For me it’s Latina because nothing is hotter than watching a nice, round ass get fucked from behind and have her yell “papi” as the dude pulls out his cock and cums all over that fat ass. Coming in a close second to that though is Thai porn because, well do I even need to go into why? It’s fucking hot, that’s why! Now what really got to me is when I mentioned Thai porn one of my buddies really had the nerve to ask what’s so good about it because according to him, the only Thai actress he knows of is Chrissy Teigen. And while I dig her body and firecracker personality, she’s mainstream and most likely never to act in any porn at all, Thai or otherwise. Since he clearly needed to be enlightened about the joys of Thai porn, I gave him a short list of my favorite Thai porn actresses to check out because it’s clear the dude needs help.

Roxy Jezel

They say the best things come in small packages and in this case that tiny package is also the total package. Yeah, that was a mouthful but I’m just saying if I were ever to date a porn star (I wish) she would be my first choice. She’s phenomenal to look at with amazing tits that fit her tiny 5’0 frame perfectly and a tiny but mighty bubble butt that takes cock like that’s what it was made to do. She was born in England to a Thai father and English mother so she’s also refined as fuck, even when she’s sucking cock and getting jizz slung across her face like a champ. She also has a BA in philosophy and I don’t know about you fuckers but I find that pretty goddamn hot. I know it has nothing to do with watching her get gangbanged or anything, but like I said earlier, I’d love to date her and that includes talking about philosophy and what not right after I get done blowing my load into her butthole. If you’re thinking she sounds familiar, she won Jenna Jameson’s “Jenna’s American Sex Star” reality show competition some years ago and did a cameo on Entourage which honestly was the best thing that ever happened during that entire show.

Avena Lee

This Thai beauty is as exotic as they come, with silky smooth brown skin, a soft little butt, perky tits, and a face I love to blow my load all over. She’s also got the prefect measurements in my professional, porn loving opinion at 34B-24-34. I mean ya I love me some big curves too, but for her frame this tit/waist/hip ratio is perfect. While she hasn’t done anything mainstream that I know of, she’s got a pretty prolific body of work under her belt. Bareback Asians, Teen Asian Angels, Pu-tang dynasty, and I Love em’ Asian are just a few of my favorites. Her best work in my eyes though is the gonzo porn Baby Dolls from Bangkok where we get a lot of up close shots of her sweet little pussy taking a hard pounding from a huge cock. This one is full of hot Asian babes like Teanna Kai, Veronica Lynn, and Nautica Thorn, but Avena Lee easily steals the show with her perfectly pitched moaning and cock-hungry, shaved little pussy.

Lucy Thai

Lucy Thai is owner of probably my favorite Asian ass, at least when it comes to porn, and boy does she know how to use it. She’s starred in over 150 adult films including Black Dicks, Asian Chicks, Playful Asians, Alt Asia, Pleasure Pagoda 2, and the one that is easily the best name for a porno I’ve ever heard in my life, Sushi Coochie. Pretty goddamn amazing, right? If you wanna see what this girl can really do, I highly recommend Triple Penetration 11 because watching this tiny gal take a huge cock in each of her holes is a sight to behold.

Dana Vespoli

This Half Thai babe is hot as fuck and that is no exaggeration. I’d say she has the most western facial features of the bunch I’m reviewing here, but she still has that exotic look that makes me want to gaze into her exotic eyes as she rides my cock like the naughty little cowgirl she is. Her best films include Tight and Asian 3, Asian Street Hookers 34, Hitchhiking Lesbians, and Passion of the Ass which honestly just sounds like my whole sex life. While she’s good at pretty much everything, I think her anal scenes are my favorite because she has such an amazing ass. If you’re into hot Asian women taking it in the butt, look her up ASAP.

Tera Patrick

I saved the best for last because I’ve had a hard-on for Tera Patrick since I was busting a nut to her Penthouse spreads when I was in high school. What’s crazy is that was around 1999 and somehow she’s still just as hot. It’s like she’s a porn vampire or something, which makes sense because sucking is also involved. Ya, I got dad jokes. Thank you, I’ll be here all week. While porn is her main claim-to-fame, she went mainstream when she was on Rock of Love with Brett Michaels years ago and everyone who doesn’t watch porn (or pretends they don’t) discovered how hot she is. She even does artsy stuff too like this one shoot she did for Time magazine called Virgin that featured a bunch of adult stars. Basically this one is my dream girl because she has huge tits, full lips that don’t look too fake, sultry eyes, a flat tummy, an amazing ass, and seriously let me just stop before I blow my load at my desk because I really don’t need another note from HR. Fuck, I need a wank/lunch break.