Rare Pornstar Traits: Best Weird & Crazy Models

Rare Pornstar Traits: Best Weird & Crazy Models

I wasn’t too sure exactly how to approach this topic, but I did want to acknowledge that a lot of men out there simply won’t be satisfied by the range of porn niches that most modern destinations actually offer to the Internet punters. What do I mean by this, exactly? Well, if you head on over to Brazzers or Pornhub, you’ll have little issue finding MILFs, Asians or brunettes – but what happens when you want something a little harder to source? I’m talking about those rare genres that still have lots of guys interested but maybe aren’t big enough for the larger studios to focus on as an aesthetic. In this blog post, I’m going to talk about a few of my favorite ladies who fit these odd, weird or bizarre categories – read down below to find out everything there is to know about them!

Pornstars with Braces: my favorite girls

So braces are typically a surefire sign of youth and I do remember a few years ago that there was a site purely devoted to this niche, although it was more erotic art as opposed to hardcore pornography. Still, there are no shortage of ladies out there who currently wear braces and get fucked hard for a living.

I think a lot of people also associated braces with innocence and that type of thing – a concept lots of guys really enjoy, right? I mean who doesn’t want to fuck a barely legal slut who’s still in high school and still doesn’t have all of her teeth straight yet? It’s the ultimate niche that I know a lot of you horny readers out there masturbate over on a daily basis – I’m not stupid, you know!

Pornstars with Abs: fittest adult performers

Having visible abs is pretty damn difficult and it takes a special kind of chick to put in the effort in order to achieve them. In this segment, I want to pay homage to the skinniest girls out there who have limited their caloric intake and hit the gym day after day in order to get the results that they want.

I think there’s something truly special about getting down and dirty with a fit broad – those abs make for something great to look at while you’re in missionary! Hell, the only problem is the fact that if you’re trying to hit it doggy, you’re not going to see those muscles all oiled up. Better than fucking a fat chick though, I suppose.

Pornstars with short hair: hotties with confidence

It really does take quite a lot of confidence for girls to go for the short hair approach – especially when one of the most visually obvious signs of differences between men and women is their hair length.

You may have seen one or two pornstars out there who really do love short hair and in this block, I want to point out my favorite ladies. They’re confident and they don’t play by the rules – what’s not to appreciate?

Pornstars with tattoos: inked up sluts

Everyone knows that if a girl is covered in tattoos, she’s probably totally fine with taking hot cock from total strangers.

Although the niche of tattooed pornstars isn’t exactly rare, I did want to include it here so you guys know exactly who I think is the cream of the crop in this genre. There are quite a few options here and so picking the right ladies took me some time, but I think I’ve nailed it – take a look for yourself and let me know in the comment section down below.

Pornstars with natural tits: great boobs

Again – not exactly the hardest thing to come across, but if you’re on the prowl for some natural girls who don’t have fake racks, this is the collection of ladies who’ll make you cum, guaranteed!

I’ve always wanted to find the biggest and best natural milkers and I think I’ve finally done it. Props to the Japanese by the way – they really did bring the whole concept of fat natural titties to the global porn market.

Pornstars with freckles: cute as fuck

Freckles can make women look real young and innocent – I don’t know why that is, but it’s probably evolutionary in nature.

These ladies all have freckles and I think they look pretty hot with their faces covered in little spots. You might also find that a couple of them are redheads – the ginger gene does appear to be linked to pale skin and high amounts of freckles!

Pornstars with pierced nipples: wild ladies

This is the same as tattooed girls – if you see a woman that has her nipples pierced, she’s probably into all sorts of crazy things.

Hell, I’d go so far as to say that this is one of the most defining characteristics of a girl who really does enjoy cock. I mean, what signal does it send to the world when your nipples have jewelry? I’ll stop getting philosophical here and let you enjoy these sexy pornstars with pierced nipples.

Pornstars with glasses: four-eyed fuckers

Okay, the last category here is going to be all about my top picks for the best pornstars who wear glasses from time to time. I think that most adult performers with eyesight issues will opt for contact lenses, but from time to time you’ll get a girl who rocks up to the studio with some really nerdy glasses – they stay on because every guy wants to cum on them! Please: enjoy these four-eyed pornstars who love looking at big cocks with their perfect eyesight.

That’s it from Mr. Porn Geek – I hope you enjoyed the coverage here and remember: you can always come back to get access to more of the great information and data you want on the wonderful world of adult entertainment. Thanks for reading and enjoy your next session of masturbation – I hope it’s the best one yet for you!