The Best Craigslist Personals Alternative 2020

The Best Craigslist Personals Alternative 2020

Everyone knows that when it comes to top quality fun with strangers, Craigslist was always a wonderful place to go. Perhaps not so much for men who searched women, but certainly the opposite and of course, guys that were interested in getting down and dirty with other dudes. I’ve heard some incredible stories about all-male orgies from folks who used Craigslist personals back in the day but yeah – I digress. Regardless of who you are or what you’re looking for, sometimes, Craigslist just fails to deliver what you’re after. In this blog post, I’m going to talk about the best Craigslist personals replacement and why I think you ought to consider it. Oh, I think I’ll also talk a lot on what to do when meeting up with a complete stranger first too – that’s generally a good idea, right?

Especially if you’re going with the expectation of getting into something a little X-rated. Mr. Porn Geek always wants to make sure that the people who come to his websites are prepared for the worst and know how to look after themselves when it comes to finding love online. So, without further ado, how about I break down the deal with this Craigslist personals alternative and walk you through what the situation is? Sounds like a plan to me. Let me begin with some tips and tricks!

Meet up somewhere with some public exposure

This isn’t so you and your new fuck buddy can engage in crazy, risky sex that might end up with you being caught: it’s for your own personal safety. What you typically want to do is avoid going anywhere that might be free of attention from others – just in case things go south and the whole thing is a scam.

My go-to advice is any bar or club that you’re familiar with and you know has security cameras – or at least a sizable chunk of people who attend the venue when you plan to meet up. One of the great things about planning to meet someone from one of these Craigslist personals alternatives is the fact that even if they no-show because it’s a scam or they just get nervous/busy/whatever else, you can always go ahead and enjoy your night. Good luck achieving that if you’re in the middle of nowhere and far away from any type of human interaction! Now even if you do plan to book a hotel room for some rough action, it’s best to meet away from it and then go back when you’re confident with the other person. You never know how things might go if you don’t take this approach, so it’s best to hedge your bets and only invite someone back when you’re actually completely comfortable with them.

Actively trade pictures before hanging out

This is generally good for weeding out the people who are fake, but it also establishes a bit of a personal connection with the other individual, since they’re only taking snaps for you and no one else. A good idea after trading a few pictures is to ask for the girl to do something specific, generally in a joking way, to make sure that they are who they say they are.

I’m not saying that you’ll be unable to pick up a pornstar or supermodel via a Craigslist personals replacement, but yeah – it’s best just to get your head screwed on correctly so that you can be sure you’re not wasting your time with someone who just wants to extract time, effort, money and whatever else from you. One of the biggest problems Craigslist has is the lack of verifiability – something that the competitive services offer. It’s little wonder that people are starting to see the advantages in going elsewhere for their weekly dose of stranger meetups. Mr. Porn Geek has personally used these destinations himself too – believe me when I say that they’re on the cutting edge of providing visitors with a world-class experience that rivals the best products out there, including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Be mysterious and funny

Regardless of whether you’re really handsome or completely ugly, one piece of advice I can offer to any guy out there that wants to pick up is to have a level of mystery around you and in addition to that, be funny. There is nothing worse than a guy who’s absolutely dull as ditchwater and while you might end up getting laid a lot because you’re attractive, the chances of more long-term action are pretty limited.

If you’re not sure what being funny is about – do some damn research and learn as quickly as possible. YouTube is a fantastic source and the more you practice, the better you’ll get. If you want to see what true comedy is like, go ahead and watch Sam Hyde and Patrice O’Neal – both will give you a very different, but very genuine, form of comedy. This also ties into the next point and something that I think a lot of guys make a mistake with.

Be confident

This might sound a little silly, but yeah – it’s actually one of the biggest things that women look for in new men that they hang out with. After nailing a date from a Craigslist personals alternative, you’re going to want to feel like you’re king shit and no one can compete with what it is you have to offer. There are plenty of ways of doing this and for me personally, I think that genuinely not caring about the outcome of your experience is the best way to go about it. What do I mean by this, exactly?

Well you could sit there and worry about whether or not the girl likes you, or you could just remember that no matter what, you’re comfortable with who you are, what your game is and so on. Indifference makes women hot – the reason for this is that it suggests you have options when it comes to the much bigger picture. What does a guy with options also have? Good status! It’s a massive signal to women that you’re attractive. This is also why you should avoid responding to messages instantly and that type of thing: the less available you seem, the more attractive you’ll become. Successful men are always busy, right? Well – even if you’re not successful, you can give off that impression by keeping yourself occupied and being happy with what it is that you’re doing.

Know how to eat pussy

I’m guessing that 90% of the people reading this right now are probably dudes: in which case, you need to know what’s what when it comes to munching on some snatch. If you don’t know, go to PornHub and watch a few videos on the topic – as well as how to hit the G-spot using your fingers.Those are two major pieces of advice that are going to take your love making to the next level.

So few women will be able to resist you if you’ve got the ability to finger fuck them just right and suck on that clit like it’s the last thing you’ll do. Hell, you might even learn that plenty of girls out there have the ability to squirt if you treat them the right way – you’ve just got to be a little forceful and really give their pussies a good fingering. Don’t go easy on ’em when it’s time for them to cum, either: those snatches can handle a good beating. They’re designed to push out babies, so your little delicate fingers aren’t going to do all that much punishment (tough do trim your nails and make sure they’re filed too).

My conclusion on Craigslist personals alternatives tips

Those are my main tips when it comes to meeting up with ladies for the first time. I think that there are a lot of great sources out there on the Internet for you to enjoy and yeah – you’ll soon learn about the craft and what you ought to do in order to better yourself. I’m personally in a committed relationship so I’m unable to do this right now, but if my girlfriend were to suddenly ever vanish (no, don’t check the dumpster behind my apartment block) then I might just have to do a video series on picking up. I’ve used plenty of the replacement tools to Craigslist personals and yeah – success with ladies who’re obviously looking for some action isn’t exactly difficult when you’re an alpha chad like me.

Anyway folks, I really would like to thank you for taking the time to read through this analysis and I genuinely hope that you’re taking home some of what I’ve said here. If you do, I can pretty much guarantee that you’re going to come out on the other side with a decent level of success. Take care and as always, may your next bang be the best yet!