The Queen of Our Fantasies, Rebecca Ferguson

The Queen of Our Fantasies, Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Ferguson is a cutie we have all come to fall in love with over the years. This babe was born in Sweden and is the perfect mix of Scottish and Irish backgrounds. Ferguson taught Tango for quite a few years so when you see her move her body on the screen you can tell she has rhythm and plenty of sex appeal to go around. This is probably also how she stays so fit. From her tight tummy all the way down to her gorgeous feet. You know that she likes to take care of herself and maintain her gorgeous features. Rebecca is 5 foot 7 inches and has soft curves that draw you in. She looks stunning in anything, but fans would love to see Rebecca Ferguson nude in nothing at all. This hottie even speaks multiple languages! Fans are wondering what she can’t do, well honestly fans don’t care what she can’t do because she gives her fans a lot to work with on screen. Rebecca has been in quite a few shows and movies over the years. Her acting is fantastic and she’s a sight to see with whatever she is in. She has won multiple awards such as Breakthrough Performer and Genre Award. There is no doubt that this babe is talented. She has even done some of her own stunts and likes to push her body to the limits. Wouldn’t it be nice if fans could see her push her body to the limits in a few hardcore scenes? Maybe some threesomes or even girl on girl.

Rebecca Ferguson Is So Sexy In The White Queen

Rebecca is an absolutely fantastic actress and stunning, to say the least, but what fans really remember her for is her hot topless scenes in The White Queen. This miniseries is all about power, sex, corruption and a fight for the throne. What do some fans remember it as? An ode to how fucking sexy Rebecca Ferguson is and how great it would be to see her in actual porn one day. During Rebecca’s role, she plays a consort to the king who has long blonde hair that makes her features really pop and her body is tight and toned as always. She strips down and her tits are absolutely perfect. Her dress size is a size 6 and her cup size is a B. The curves of her body and her perfect pale skin can make any man’s member stand at attention. There are quite a few sex scenes in the show where Rebecca is pretty much naked, but her costar is always in between her legs so fans don’t get to see all the good bits. When you see her costar get on top of her and her body arch to meet his you wish it was you in his place. When Rebecca Ferguson sex scenes come on its pretty much porn. She gets really into the scenes and it’s easy to imagine what it’s like when Rebecca is actually getting fucked. Her O-face is cum worthy, the way she throws her head back and just gets lost in the pleasure, so delicious to watch.

But Rebecca doesn’t only like her sex scenes laying down, she can also be seen getting on top and grinding and riding her costar. Though you don’t actually get to see any penetration you can watch the way she moves and of course, she once again has those perfect tits out on display for everyone to drool over. Rebecca Ferguson topless seems to be a staple in some of her shows and it’s the perfect tease that all her fans want. Her boobs are all natural and look larger than a B cup on her tiny frame. The way they bounce, and her nipples poke out on screen, well when you watch it, it may be hard to follow the storyline.

When she isn’t starring in The White Queen you can get more than a glimpse of Rebecca Ferguson in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. In this film, Rebecca is a brunette bombshell that has a tight toned ass and a killer body. In one of the more iconic scenes, just known around the internet as the Rebecca Ferguson bikini scene, you get to watch as Ferguson steps out of a pool dripping wet with nothing but a black bikini hugging her curves. Rebecca Ferguson’s legs are highlighted here, and all her fans wish once again that they were wrapped around them. She plays the spy role perfectly as a seductive and high energy star. The looks she gives and the way she gets to use her body on screen makes everyone wet. There is not a lot of nudity at all in this film but there is a scene where Rebecca gives all her fans a nice angle of her side boob. She’s changing and just sporting some black panties. The camera is behind her but her perfect tits are caught in the scene at just the right angle to remind fans once again just how much of a bombshell she is right now.

The hottest Rebecca Ferguson pics and videos

Probably some of the hottest pictures you can see all the time of this starlet is going to be pictures of her tight and toned ass. Rebecca Ferguson’s ass just doesn’t stop. It doesn’t matter if she’s wearing pants, a dress or barely anything her ass always looks good. Once you see her ass on the screen you are going to be mesmerized. When she is in a bikini you wonder how something this heavenly could exist on earth. And then when you see Rebecca Ferguson nude or nearly nude she will shoot to the top of your list of favorite babes to fap to. Fans can even just look up Rebecca Ferguson butt pics and have some pretty awesome SFW pics to use as wallpapers. Fans haven’t gotten to see Rebecca Ferguson naked all the way yet. You get pretty close in some of her sex scenes and we have pretty much seen her whole ass, but fans are hoping that she gets some full-frontal scenes as soon as possible. Rebecca Ferguson is sexy, period. Rebecca Ferguson’s feet even have entire blogs dedicated to them, that’s how perfect this starlet really is.