The Ultimate Guide to Female Masturbation by MrPornGeek

The Ultimate Guide to Female Masturbation by MrPornGeek

There is nothing quite like watching females get off. I love it when a woman knows how to turn herself on and get herself to a place of no return until she climaxes! I find it a particular extraordinary phenomenon when there are girls who get aboard girls and end up masturbating one another! Solo female masturbation is also hot and can quickly turn into more than masturbation if us guys are around. It’s such a turn on when a woman is completely in her body, knows what she likes, how to reach the ultimate pleasure for herself and doesn’t mind sharing her abilities with other ladies. There’s something to be said about confidence and when it comes down to it, if a woman takes charge and shows me just how she likes to be touched, I can’t help but get absorbed in her scent, her demeanor, and her take action attitude. I’ll tell you one thing, it usually ends up with both the female in question and myself happy when it’s all said and done. Females enjoy masturbating as much, and in some circumstances, even more than men do and some don’t even mind sharing flicking their beans and shoving things up their holes to get the job done on camera. Some girls even like to be caught masturbating and then fucked! Other girls are more shy about it but once you find a way to open her up, she will no doubt purr in ecstasy. This is the ultimate guide to female masturbation and will cover everything from top techniques, tips, an extensive how-to guide, and more. You can feel free to show your girlfriend or wife this guide so she can become better at feeling good and giving herself and other females pleasure.

Most Popular Masturbation Techniques for Women

When it comes to the most popular female masturbation techniques, Mr. Porn Geek can help you tune into your own body (if you’re a lady) or give this information to a lady you’re banging or thinking of banging. When it comes to using this technique or that technique, it’s really up to what pleases the woman who is taking the action. If a woman likes something and knows about it, she will likely continue to use what works for her. Just because something is popular doesn’t mean it has to be used but then again, if you happen to be a lady reading this, you may as well try the best female masturbation techniques to see how your body reacts to it. The most popular and well-known female masturbation techniques are listed below and Mr. Porn Geek makes sure he goes into detail on how to try these techniques at home or share it with a lady or two that really needs to cum hard! So just how to masturbate female comes down to pleasing self in different manners. One can stimulate erogenous zones, play around with one’s clit, go deep within the vagina, or ass. A combination of these areas may be played with in order to stimulate a lady’s body in different ways. I believe that women should try everything out and see what works best for her and her body. After all, the more they try, the more they will be willing to do in the bedroom with us. Just in case anyone needs more details about erogenous zones here is a bit of information that may help you or a lusty lady out. Nipples, inner thighs, neck, and other places may give a woman pleasure. One can test out the waters by rubbing, pinching slapping, squeezing, and tugging at different areas of the body and then wait for a response to see what happens. A combination of these areas, along with a clit, anal, and vag stimulation will give results of pleasure but not one fits all just like not one woman looks exactly like another. Trial and error will lead one to know their body and what one likes the best.

Free Female Masturbation Tips

There are plenty of tips on female masturbation out there but Mr. Porn Geek has narrowed them down to offer you and your lady friends the best of the best and the tips that actually work. When it comes to women pleasing themselves, it’s more often than not it has more to do with a combination of factors. These include what one is thinking, where one is touching, environment, and other factors. Mr. Porn Geek has found that these female masturbation tips will not only get a lady in the mood but help her be comfortable to be 100 percent in her body.

Environment / Set the mood

Setting a mood is important for females masturbating. If the mood is off, it can easily distract one to stop or to give into whatever else is on one’s mind. Some basic tips on how to make the environment ideal are as follows. It may seem silly to us men but it can change the experience from day to night for a woman. Setting the mood is all about doing whatever one needs to make the space comfortable. It could be as simple as setting the lights on low, getting the right lubricant, and turning on some music.

Stimulate all the senses

Sometimes a lady can really get sexual buy entertaining one or two of the five senses more than others. It’s important as a lady who is masturbating to try out different ways to excite oneself. Visuals are usually the way most men get off. There really is nothing like seeing a sexy woman, dripping wet nipples erect and legs for days. I, myself, am way into big curvy asses that I can imagine smacking or biting. For women, visuals could be a porn video or a dirty magazine. If a woman is trying to excite herself through hearing, one could listen to erotica or try out phone sex. If taste, is her thing, she could try one of the aphrodisiac foods like chocolate or oysters, however eating is likely to be done before or after masturbating. If the lady likes to read, there is plenty of erotica out there that would easy entice her imagination to cum! One could also use a household item that has a unique or soft texture and cum in a new way. Bottom line is that there are as many ways to cum and manners on how to masturbate for women as unique as each woman is! One lady may like one thing and another something else and it’s totally up to each person to find their go-to’s.

Why Rush Her When She Masturbates?

Often we lead such busy lifestyles that taking the time to get in the sexual zone is often rushed. By slowing down and taking as much time as needed, plenty of women claim not only to fully enjoy themselves but to also be able to really get it in! No matter what a lady tries out, over time it will become obvious to her what she likes! Everyone starts from somewhere when it comes to knowing your body and for males, it’s a piece of cake to understand the mechanics but for females getting the touch and in the zone may take some initial practice. If you are a lady or if you have a lady who doesn’t understand what she likes perhaps she just needs a quiet night in the tub with some water-based lube. She can try any of the techniques described above and also make use of the tips for interesting discoveries of herself. With time, she will know just how she likes to be touched by herself and if you’re lucky by you. As the saying goes, ‘practice makes perfect!’

The Mutual Masturbation Phenomenon

Masturbation tends to be viewed like a thing one does when alone but it doesn’t have to be solo and in fact, it’s so much better with friends. Mutual masturbation can be a fun step in the process of getting to know someone new. It’s hot and it allows people to show others what they desire and how they like to be touched. It’s There are many ways to have a sizzling mutual masturbation experience. One can on a bed, outside, through video chat, over the phone, or any other way one is able to enjoy self and experience other’s pleasure. Mutual masturbation has become increasingly popular and it’s not going anywhere. In fact, according to several Mr. Porn Geek fans who have emailed in, they can’t get enough of mutual masturbation. My favorite thing about mutual masturbation is that in my experience it usually leads to the more sexy stuff, like touching, fingering, licking, and if you can be suave fucking! There are no wrong ways of exploring masturbation with females and so if you have the chance to do so, by all means, take it! Mutual masturbation is really big in the cam world. You can watch a girl or multiple women take off their clothes and touch their naughty bits while you do the same. If you have yet to experience a webcam show, it’s time to change that and luckily, Mr. Porn Geek knows the best of the best performers and shows to check out.

Female Masturbation in Porn

Do you like watching ladies masturbate on video? Who doesn’t?! I love seeing their bodies oiled up and then there is typically a few moments of a porn actress stripping off her clothes, slowly to tease viewers. When all else fails, tune in to some solo acts and see how women themselves off! At this time and day, there are plenty of amateur porn sites that have entire categories set aside for female masturbation and if a porn website doesn’t include that category, Mr. Porn Geek recommends you move on because it’s one of the hottest ways to get off! You can see women putting dildos in every hole and cuming hard. You can even see stunning women porn actresses cum again and again and showing off their favorite masturbation positions in HD! Mr. Porn Geek really enjoys the amateur masturbation scenes and who doesn’t like to see a lady in the shower or outside getting off?! There are thousands and thousands of masturbation porn videos available so be sure to check out what Mr. Porn Geek recommends to get the best of the best.

Ways to Orgasm in Public

Public female masturbation is hot! I mean when you think of a lady being so horny that she can’t help herself, whether that be in an airplane or a bar, you likely want to encourage her. I kid you not that one time, I was flying to LA for an appearance and saw this woman on the plane four seats to the right of me, look both ways to make sure no one was paying attention to her. She had one of the airplane blankets around her legs and was obviously going at it. The guy next to her saw that I noticed and gave me a thumbs up! I love it when women are daring and don’t give a fuck about masturbating in public. She was hot too! Big round boobs and when she was finished her face was all red as she excused herself to the bathroom. Now I know that doesn’t happen to everyone and that most ladies would probably never be that horny on an airplane to wank like she did but it does exist so be on the lookout.

Trending Sex Toys That Make Her Cum Hardest

For an even more intense experience or if the lady in question is in a rush and needs to get off as fast as possible, using a toy could shorten the time she will take to cum. This can be a hot way to incorporate a partner too because using a vibrator gets one nice and wet and then a lady can be ready for a big cock. There are a bunch of different toys to experience too and exploring them is one way to really understand what one’s body likes and wants more of. There are vibrators of every shape, color, and size. Anal beads, dildos, remote-controlled devices, and more. For any lady, I totally recommend researching and experimenting with sex toys. There’s also no shame in using household objects. It’s extremely helpful if someone’s on a budget and still wants to experiment. Things to try out may include anything that is shaped like a cock, weird shaped objects and really just about anything food-wise.