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Top 5 Petite Pornstars of 2018

Everyone seemed to absolutely love the last post I did on petite pornstars, so I figured it was a good time to write up my list of the best mini-starlets that 2018 has had to offer us. The year isn’t through quite yet, but Mr. Porn Geek is confident that no new stunners of small stature are going to be coming through before the end of the year that would justify an update to this collection. I’m always hunting for the finest tiny chicks that love to fuck hard and fast, so let’s get down to it – I can’t wait to tell you what petite pornstars I’ve picked for my top list this year!

Kenzie Reeves

She’s back and better than ever! Kenzie Reeves is absolutely fucking tiny standing at just 4 feet, 10 inches tall. You’ll often find that lots of petite pornstars struggle to accept big dicks in their ass, but not Kenzie! Just a few days ago, this world-class piece of ass put her butthole firmly around the cock of porno legend, Jmac. Just take a look at these pictures and tell me that you wouldn’t love fucking the hell out of this tiny slut. I’d pay some good money to end up balls deep inside Kenzie Reeves.

This particular shoot comes to us via Reality Kings – you can read my review of the network by clicking here and then go ahead and use my Reality Kings Discount Coupon deal for a great saving on your membership to the network if you want to see more from Kenzie Reeves. I think it goes without saying that if you like your pornstars to be on the skinny and small side of life, few are going to give you a better bang for your buck than this pint-sized midget spinner.

Maya Bijou

I know plenty of porn lovers out there get a little upset that mainstream porn sites are absolutely dominated left, right and center by white ladies – don’t worry, I feel your pain. This is why Maya Bijou is a perfect candidate for my collection of the best petite pornstars around right now. Standing at a square 5 feet tall, Maya hails from California but is an ethnic mix of Mexican, ebony and Italian. Aged just 20, she’s also fresh as a fig and knows what being a good tiny cock sucker is all about.

I highly recommend paying a visit to Maya Bijou on Twitter if you get the chance – she loves to retweet GIFs and pictures of her taking fat cock. Oh, and if you like your petite pornstars enjoying interracial sex, there have been plenty of instances where Maya’s been pounded by a BBC in the past. While the above images come from a shoot that Miss Bijou did with Exotic 4K, I recommend taking a look at an upload that was published just two days ago over on Spy Fam. Click this link to read our review of Spy Fam or simply go ahead and visit the site itself. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of watcing Maya Bijou in action – she’s tiny, tanned and willing to take a fat cock in the pursuit of pure erotic pleasure.

Lola Fae

Now I know that tattoos aren’t for everyone, but few can deny that tiny cum-addict Lola Fae doesn’t look incredible covered in ink. With her perky, small tits and cute little butt, she’s going to quickly become a go-to name in porn circles for when you want the smallest of the small getting dicked down hard and fast in front of a lens. What’s great about Lola is that she’s still quite new to the adult entertainment industry: it’s only in 2018 that she’s started to show how wild she can get. Oh, and I think it’s quite clear I don’t mess around when it comes to mini broads: Lola Fae stands at just 4 feet, 11 inches tall and weighs 85 lbs. Pick her up and throw her around – the tattoos let you know that’s exactly what she wants.

What’s pretty fucking sexy about Lola Fae is that when she lost her virginity, it happened via the ass. That’s right – Lola’s boyfriend pounded her in the butt for the first time when she was just 14 years of age. You’ll probably love hearing that Lola is all about the rough sex too – manhandle her and she’s going to be cumming all over your cock in a matter of seconds. She’s also certified as a yoga teacher, meaning she can bend into a variety of weird and wonderful positions that all make fucking her that much more enjoyable. Want to see this gorgeous girl work her magic on a massive cock? For that, I highly recommend just heading on over to PornHub’s page devoted to all of her content. Click here to see her in action.

Lela Star

We’ve seen a decent amount of great petite pornstars over the years that are young, fresh and able to last a few years in the adult industry – but what about if you like your women a little older? At 5 feet, 1 inch tall Lela Star is a perfect candidate for lovers of tiny women, but she’s also 33 years of age, making her great for guys that like their ladies to be a bit older. With the age comes the wisdom, and few ladies are equipped to extract spunk from cocks quite like Lela Star does. Believe me when I tell you that she’s regularly my go-to source of inspiration when it comes to busting a nut. I’ll tug on my tofu stick all night long if I’ve got a collection of fresh videos to look at that feature Lela Star having wild and sensual sex. This minx is delicious and then some.

The reason why I think it’s worth paying attention to Lela Star even though she’s been in the game for quite some time is the simple fact that over the last 12 months, she’s really increased her production of hardcore porn. I was taking a look at Brazzers and noticed that since the start of 2018, Lela Star has appeared in 14 scenes in just the last 5 months – suffice to say that I really recommend you go visit that site if you want to see Lela Star fuck and suck all day long. Oh, but be sure to go via our Brazzers Discount Deal and save yourself $12 a month on your membership. Mr. Porn Geek loves small pornstars, but he loves small price tags even more!

Xianna Hill

At 4 feet 10 inches tall, Xianna Hill might be last on our list, but she’s by no means least (apart from in the height department!). While not insanely popular, Xianna Hill is still a gorgeous petite pornstar well worth taking a look at if you prefer your spinners to be African American. This black beauty has a kinky afro and a pretty face – a nice combination that I know you’re going to love. You should probably go chuck her a follow on Twitter too – she’s sitting at 8k fans right now but I’d bet my left nut if she stays in the game, that’ll be closer to 100,000 when 2020 rolls around. Anyhow, here’s a nice quick video of Xianna getting pounded by a big white dick.

Want to see the whole thing? Then go ahead and use our Mofos link for discount access. You know it makes sense. Few things beat seeing Xianna Hill fucking in full 1080p HD video. Anyway guys, that’s it for Mr. Porn Geek’s roundup of my favorite petite pornstars in 2018. When 2019 rolls around, I might just have to let you know what my thoughts are. As always, stay frosty and I hope you enjoyed looking at some of the finest small teen pornstars and MILF petite fuckers in the smut game. Oh and before i finally leave, it’ll be worth your while checking out my post last year on Top 5 Petite Pornstars of 2017 – And if you wanna see an even bigger collection of over 600+ adult Actresses, you can check out my pornstar directory right here