Top 5 Vegan Pornstars

Top 5 Vegan Pornstars

Veganism is getting pretty big these days, with many famous people adopting the diet to improve their health, reduce their carbon footprint and ultimately, attempt to live a more ethical lifestyle. I’m not gonna preach on veganism for you, because that’s not what I do best, but if you want to know more, you can check out this page with a lot of information on why some people choose to abstain from animal products. What Mr. Porn Geek does is find porn, so I’m going to use this time to point out five of the hottest chicks in the adult game that live ethical lives and fuck just right. So, let’s get down to these vegan babes that just love meat (the non-edible kind).

Bree Olson

Blonde haired babe with a nice booty and great titties. Bree Olson is the American dream, but she’s even more of an American dream thanks to the fact that she’s an outspoken vegan. She’s Tweeted about having vegan pizza before and also did a video for Porn Hub about ethics in the porn industry. She’s retired from the industry now, but you can still see this cute babe in action with a little help from Google!

Lexi Love

Lexi Love, born Selena Scola, is a Boston-based pornstar that began working in 2004 for companies like PlayBoy, Penthouse and other top-quality sources of adult entertainment. Lexi Love launched her own vegan food site called Vegan Kitchen and runs her own website, where she sells paintings among other things.


In the early part of the 2000s, Ovidie devoted herself to being in porn, starring in a few dozen adult movies. She’s a pretty extreme vegan and feminist, which makes her one of the most ethical fuckers around. If you can read French, head here to learn a little more about this radfem pornstar.

Pamela Anderson

While she’s not technically a pornstar, Pamela Anderson is definitely a vegan! But yeah, according to Porn Hub, she’s actually ranked #187 in the world on their ‘pornstar’ list. She’s had sex with Brett Michaels & Tommy Lee – videos of which have been shared with the world.

Luna Star

And the last pornstar that’s vegan on our list: Luna Star! Back in November of 2015, Luna Star Tweeted that she’s 100% vegan and regularly shares food posts on her Instagram showing what she eats on a daily basis. She’s also got one of the best booties in the game – check out some of her porn videos some time, you won’t be disappointed.