Top Indian Pornstars 2021: The Best Desi Girls

Top Indian Pornstars 2021: The Best Desi Girls

Yes – it’s Mr. Porn Geek back yet again with another top list and today, I’m going to be talking all about girls from India that I consider to be the best around. For a long time, I’ve always considered India to be a completely untapped market. I mean, there are over a billion people there right now, correct? Why on Earth wouldn’t you enjoy what hundreds of millions of them are able to offer the world!

That’s basically what I’m trying to do in this blog post. I want to look at how we can enjoy famous Indian porn star content here in the West. I honestly feel that smart phones are going to be vital for this – they make it very easy for girls over there to record themselves getting fucked. I guess we’ve also got the chance to look at Indian American pornstar options, but that’s cheating a little bit, don’t you think? So many questions here from me – I’m itching to get into the Best Indian pornstar analysis but boy, is there a bunch of things I want to consider first.

What do you look for in a hot Indian pornstar?

I think if you’re going to be big in this business and you’re from India, you have to Westernize yourself a least a little bit. This might sound ridiculous, but I feel that the general personality of girls in India doesn’t make them great for porn – they just don’t seem all that interactive in the videos. I also would like any new Indian pornstar out there to really focus on getting good equipment. Sure, it’s expensive and money isn’t easy to get when you’re there – but you might as well do the best you can with what you’ve got, right?

The economy has to help here – this is why Mr. Porn Geek is so into capitalism! It means that the Internet can get its hands on some sweet Indian teen pornstar content and it doesn’t break the bank. Hell, you’ll find that almost all of the girls featured here started off with real amateur productions anyway. Do you know how difficult it is to find a porn studio over there in India? The best Desi girls have to come over to Western countries in order to make it big. Such a sad reality, since you’re taking lots of jobs away from hard working Indians who can do stuff like record scenes, organize the set, clean up the loads and so on. If India plans to be a superpower in the next few years, it’s going to have to up its porn game – that’s just non-negotiable.

Who is the hottest Indian pornstar?

Well that’s what this entire blog post is about, right? I’m always searching for the best person out there to do the job of having great sex. I’ll actually never get tired of this task, since I get to spend all day jerking off to the best Indian pornstar material around. It’s a very special experience and one that I absolutely cherish and no, before you ask, I am not hiring!

Mr. Porn Geek likes to run things by himself and it’s going to stay that way to ensure I’ve got the quality here to deliver what everyone wants: stellar XXX material. Besides, what would be the purpose in having lots of other people looking at hot Indian porn star content when I can just do the damn job myself? It’s not particularly difficult and when all is said and done, I get to play with my little ding dong – life is good!

What’s lacking when it comes to Indian porn star material?

Right now, the biggest problem for Desi pornography is the simple fact that it’s almost always amateur and is recorded with low quality equipment. As soon as every chick in India has an iPhone 6 or something above that, stuff is going to change – and rapidly. We’ll see a whole wave on new Indian pornstar videos coming online for us to enjoy.

Trust me, I know that there are Indian girls out there that want to make it big online – they just don’t have the tools in order to do that. I think by 2025, the amount of adult entertainment that comes from India will triple – if not quadruple, year-on-year. It’s a bold prediction, but it’s one that won’t come back to punish me if it isn’t true. One of the only issues here is that the Indian government doesn’t seem too keen on porn: why is it that whenever I see governments in action, they suck? Not the good type of sucking, either!

Would you ever fuck an Indian pornstar?

I’m currently in a happy relationship, but if you were giving me a genuine ability to get down and dirty with a Desi goddess who was willing to have a threesome – absolutely! I’m just hoping that she’s going to be a real deep shade of deliciousness – I find that those girls with more tanned skin are the ones worth getting wild with.

Still, I won’t say no to anyone if they’re sexy. Hell, I’d even be willing to record the whole thing and put it up on Mr. Porn Geek for the world to enjoy. Would you guys like that? Let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can do.

Hey Mr. Porn Geek – thanks for this Indian pornstar list!

No problem – it’s been an absolute pleasure for me to put it together! I’ve long loved the Desi aesthetic and I will forever champion any cause that gets the Internet more porn starring Indian chicks. Amateur, professional or something in between – Mr. Porn Geek is here to ensure that everyone gets the type of adult material that’s going to make them bust a fat nut.

Don’t be afraid to jerk off to these girls either, folks – they expect you to fire off thick ropes of hot cum. Why else do you think they got involved in the porn industry? It certainly wasn’t for the money! A massive shout out to all of you legends who decided to stick around here today and finish off my list of the best Indian pornstars. Take care and I hope that your next masturbation session is the most enjoyable yet!