Trainline Tramp Melbourne Porn Video

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You may have read the news over the last few weeks about a couple in Australia recording a public fuck video at a train station. Dubbed as ‘Trainline Tramp’, the video was uploaded by a Pornhub user by the name of Cummbucket – a Melbourne-based member of a graffiti gang. A few weeks ago, it came to light that the people involved wouldn’t be taken to court over the act, owing to the fact that it occurred over 12 months ago, which means it’s outside the statute of limitations and therefore, not punishable. The couple involved could have potentially been given up to a $1,555 fine for the crime of ‘obscene and offensive behavior on public transport’. The incident occurred at the North Shore Railway Station and according to the Media Unit at Victoria Police, they took “a thorough investigation of the incident that occurred at North Shore Railway Station”. Anyway, because Mr. Porn Geek is always here to give you access to good porn, I figured it was worth sharing the scene with you. It’s not the greatest, but when you consider the fact that it’s in public, late at night, she’s dressed like a slut and it has a real grime feel to it – certainly worth busting a nut to, right? Enjoy Trainline Tramp, folks!