Japanese Air Hostess Sexy

Why Are Flight Attendants So Sexy?

You’ll likely know by now that Mr. Porn Geek loves to travel – especially around south east Asia. I told myself I wasn’t going to work much on a holiday I’m taking, but hey – I’m on a 7-hour flight to Malaysia right now and let me tell you, I’ve got literally nothing else to do while waiting for this big-ass tube of people to touch down. Anyway, I got thinking a little and well – let’s just say that there’s a certain sex appeal surrounding the flight attendants that are working today. I’m always looking for beautiful women and the quality of air hostesses right now, on this particular journey, is top tier. Now I’ve always wondered: what actually is it about flight attendants that makes them sexy? I’ve spent a little time thinking and I believe I’ve come up with the perfect answer – it involves three key elements that I think you’re going to agree with me on. So, without further ado, here’s Mr. Porn Geek’s reasoning for why everyone wants to bang a flight attendant.

They’re All About The Service

Let’s not beat around the bush, dudes love it when a woman is willing to do whatever it takes in order to make you happy. An air hostess basically exists to get you anything you want, make you comfortable and do whatever it takes to make sure you have a happy flight. This level of ‘submission’ is enjoyable for men and knowing that a lady is there to do whatever it is you need doing comes with a certain sexual appeal. When push comes to shove, having a flight attendant come over to you with a smile on her face after the touch of a button is, to say the very least, sexy as fuck.

Those Uniforms Are Hot

I’m not going to go into the explanation as to why uniforms have a certain sex appeal, but any job that requires a woman to dress up a certain way is going to make a dude horny. Flight attendants are no different here and while some airlines elect for more conservative outfits, the simple fact is that they’re typically form fitting, pretty and make them look damn hot. I’m on a Malaysia Airlines flight today – the uniform is a bit traditional, but it hugs those hips tight and doesn’t leave much on any of the girls to the imagination.

Only The Best Get Hired

Airlines aren’t silly: they know that it’s better to have some skinny, attractive girl from the country the airline services most than a black chick with a sassy attitude. You’ll often find that for airlines flying to specific regions, local ladies are picked up for the job and of those local ladies, only the hottest are worthy of being flight attendants. People are more likely to fly with good looking air hostesses on board – it’s also good for the general image of the company. Let’s also not forget that planes aren’t exactly huge and being able to squeeze past standing passengers is all part of the job for these girls, so the smaller you are, the better (sorry to all of my chubby chasing readers out there)! Anyway, that’s my theory on the whole flight attendant thing. I might be wrong, but I doubt it. Most of the stuff Mr. Porn Geek comes up with is pretty damn accurate.